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Canadian Section of ParlAmericas

The Canadian Section of ParlAmericas is one of the 35 members of ParlAmericas, an institution that promotes Parliamentary Diplomacy in the Inter-American System.

Recognizing that strengthening democracy, creating prosperity and improving social and economic conditions are the western hemisphere’s most pressing priorities, the Canadian Section was established to:

  • Promote parliamentary participation in inter-American affairs and relations, and contribute to inter-parliamentary dialogue;
  • Maintain contact with parliamentary representatives of member states of the Organisation of American States; and
  • Seek to meet periodically with parliamentarians to discuss areas of common interest.

The Canadian Section usually sends delegations to all major ParlAmericas activities, including the annual Plenary Assembly, meetings of the Board of Directors and the meetings of the three Networks of ParlAmericas (the Open Parliament Network, the Network on Climate Change and the Parliamentary Network for Gender Equality).

It also conducts missions to member countries of ParlAmericas to strength bilateral relations, engage in parliamentary diplomacy, learn more about regional issues and promote Canadian interests.


ParlAmericas is the multilateral interparliamentary institution for the inter-American system, with a membership that comprises the national legislatures of the 35 sovereign countries from North, South, Central America and the Caribbean.

The international Secretariat of ParlAmericas is incorporated in Canada and remains the only interparliamentary forum to have its headquarters located in Ottawa.

ParlAmericas (formerly known as the Inter Parliamentary Forum of the Americas) was established in 2001, through an inaugural meeting hosted by the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa, to coincide with the Third Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, with the mandate to promote parliamentary participation in the inter-American system and contribute to inter-parliamentary dialogue on issues of importance to the hemisphere, in accordance with Resolution 1673/99 of the OAS General Assembly. The Canadian Section was established in May 2001.

  • Mark Palmer, Association Secretary
  • Clare Annett, Advisor
  • Alison Clegg, Advisor
  • Erin Virgint, Advisor
Parliamentary Associations are governed by the procedures set out in their constitutions. These constitutions call for the creation of an executive committee to direct their work and provide for an annual general meeting of the membership.