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The Canadian Section of the Canada-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Group (CJIG) promotes exchanges between Japanese and Canadian parliamentarians, proposes initiatives likely to lead to a better mutual understanding of bilateral and multilateral matters and works to develop cooperation between the two countries and the Asia-Pacific region. A key component of the CJIC activities consists of annual bilateral meetings between Canadian federal parliamentarians and their counterparts from the Diet of Japan. The Group also participates in annual multilateral regional meetings such the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) and the General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA).

A Friendship Group was established in 1981 but remained unrecognized by Parliament until 1986. After a State visit to Ottawa by then Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan, the association was established and called the Canada-Japan Interparliamentary Group (CJIG). The Executive committee is composed of two Co-Chairs, two Vice-Chairs and six Members representing all officially recognized parties and both Houses. Since its foundation, the Group has visited many regions of Japan, hosted a number of Japanese delegations visiting Canada and worked with diplomats to further develop the relationship between both countries.

  • Grant McLaughlin, Association Secretary
  • Corentin Bialais, Advisor
  • Geneviève Gosselin, Advisor
Parliamentary Associations are governed by the procedures set out in their constitutions. These constitutions call for the creation of an executive committee to direct their work and provide for an annual general meeting of the membership.