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The role of the Association is to offer a framework for Canadian and French parliamentarians to discuss matters of mutual interest including political, parliamentary, economic, environmental, cultural and security issues. It strengthens personal ties among the parliamentarians of both countries and offers an exceptional window on France for francophone parliamentarians and francophile Canadians.

The Association’s French counterpart consists of the France-Canada Interparliamentary Association, the France-Canada Friendship Group in the Senate and the France-Canada Friendship Group in the National Assembly.

The Association generally meets once a year, alternating between Canada and France. Other smaller-scale activities and meetings are held each year in both countries, for example during parliamentarians’ visits to the other country. The Association also maintains close ties with the Canadian Embassy in France and the French Embassy in Canada.

The Association is a bilateral association between Canada and France created in 1965 for cultural and historical reasons. For many years Canada and France have enjoyed rich relations on many levels and in many areas. The Association offers a unique forum allowing parliamentarians of both countries to delve into issues important to both Canada and France, such as immigration and integration, justice, the environment, public safety and the fight against terrorism.

  • Mark Palmer, Association Secretary
  • Philippe Antoine Gagnon, Advisor
  • Alexandra Savoie, Advisor
Parliamentary Associations are governed by the procedures set out in their constitutions. These constitutions call for the creation of an executive committee to direct their work and provide for an annual general meeting of the membership.