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ESTABLISHED: March 2000. The Canadian Section was established in May 2001.

OBJECTIVES: Recognizing that strengthening democracy, creating prosperity and realizing human potential are the hemisphere’s most pressing priorities, the objectives of the Canadian Section are:

  • to promote parliamentary participation in the inter-American system, to contribute to interparliamentary dialogue; and
  • to maintain contact with parliamentary representatives of member states of the Organization of American States (OAS), and to seek to meet periodically with all such representatives, for joint public discussions of common problems and objectives.

Parliamentarians from ParlAmericas member countries meet annually at plenary assemblies at which ParlAmericas members take part in working group discussions centering on topics of hemispheric interest, such as public safety, free trade, and external debt. The ParlAmericas’ Group of Women Parliamentarians of the Americas also meets to discuss themes related to gender in the Americas.

STRUCTURE: Formerly called the Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the Americas (FIPA), the Association changed its name in September 2011 to the Canadian Section of ParlAmericas. ParlAmericas is an independent network made up of the national legislatures of those governments who are members of the OAS. The ParlAmericas International Secretariat is located in Ottawa.