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ESTABLISHED in 1967, the Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie (APF), known previously as the Assemblée internationale des parlementaires de langue française (AIPLF), is headquartered in Paris.

OBJECTIVES: The Parliament of Canada is a founding member and plays an important role within the APF. Its objectives are as follows:

  • To encourage initiatives of any kind which promote the spread of the French language. The Canadian branch participates in initiatives aimed at defending and illustrating the French-language culture of wholly or partially French-speaking countries.
  • To encourage the study of cultural, economic and social matters of common interest in order to bring about close cooperation among parliamentarians who are members of the APF and to help establish genuine intercultural dialogue.
  • To take initiatives it considers appropriate in order to enable Members of the Senate and House of Commons to benefit from the advantages provided by the APF. It encourages activities and events likely to lead to exchanges among federal and provincial parliamentarians and their counterparts in other French-speaking countries.

STRUCTURE: The APF is composed of 48 branches, 16 associate branches and 13 observers and it meets in regular session once a year. The APF has four standing committees: the Political Committee; the Parliamentary Affairs Committee; the Education, Communication and Cultural Affairs Committee; and the Cooperation and Development Committee, which meet during the annual session and also once between sessions. In addition, the APF includes a Women’s Parliamentary Network.

In order to ensure good communication among the branches and the “Secrétariat général” four regions have been identified: the European region; the African region; the American region; which includes the Canadian Branch and 9 provincial branches; and the recently constituted Asia-Pacific region.