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Bill C-551

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3rd Session, 40th Parliament,
59 Elizabeth II, 2010
house of commons of canada
BILL C-551
An Act to amend the Investment Canada Act (committee members)
R.S., c. 28 (1st Supp.)
Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:
1. Subsection 36(1) of the Investment Canada Act is replaced by the following:
Privileged information
36. (1) Subject to subsections (3) to (4), all information obtained with respect to a Canadian, a non-Canadian, a business or an entity referred to in paragraph 25.1(c) by a member of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology of the House of Commons or, in the event that there is not such a committee, by a member of the appropriate committee of the House of Commons in the course of his or her work as a member of that committee, by the Minister or by an officer or employee of Her Majesty in the course of the administration or enforcement of this Act is privileged and no one shall knowingly communicate or allow to be communicated any such information or allow anyone to inspect or to have access to any such information, except if the communication, inspection or access takes place in the course of a parliamentary proceeding.
Published under authority of the Speaker of the House of Commons
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