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Bill S-16

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(Sections 4 and 8)
1. Rules and procedures for referendums and elections of a governing body.
2. Exercise of the powers of the First Nation.
3. Practices and procedures of the governing body.
4. Provision for matters that must be determined or approved by a referendum.
5. Raising of revenue by any means including taxes and licences.
6. Authorization of expenditures.
7. Recording of and accounting for revenue and expenditures.
8. Management of lands and any other form of property.
9. Management of the business affairs of the First Nation.
10. Responsibility and liability of the governing body, other officers and employees.
11. Agreements, funding arrangements and other relationships with other jurisdictions.
12. The administration of justice, including the establishment and designation of courts and tribunals of criminal and civil jurisdiction.
13. The establishment of offences relating to the matters enumerated in this Schedule and punishments for committing them, including a fine not exceeding $10,000, a term of imprisonment not exceeding two years and any other punishment or alternative remedy, including restitution, that is available for summary convictions under the Criminal Code or to a summary conviction court judge under the law relating to summary convictions in a province.
14. Marriage, divorce, matrimonial status and matrimonial property.
15. Protection of minors and dependant adults and their property interests.
16. Culture, traditions and customs, and their preservation.
17. Health and hygiene.
18. Welfare and other social services.
19. Custody, placement and adoption of children by members, whether or not the children are members or children of members or of other persons residing on the lands of the First Nation.
20. Devolution by will or intestate succession and the administration of estates respecting
(a) any type of property, wherever situated, of members resident on the lands of the First Nation, and
(b) any type of property situated on the lands of the First Nation, of members, wherever they are resident.
21. Trusts for the benefit of members, and their variation.
22. Education on the lands of the First Nation and education of members within or outside those lands.
23. Natural resource management.
24. Infrastructure.
25. Environment.
26. Trespass and nuisance.
27. Public games, gaming, sports and amusements.
28. Recreation.
29. Animals.
30. Weapons.
31. Intoxicants.
32. Local institutions.
33. Policing.
34. The creation of bodies corporate and politic to carry out government, administrative, education, health or other functions.
35. The creation, operation and governance of companies, whether as bodies corporate, partnerships or any other organizational form, to carry on business on the lands of the First Nation.
36. Any other matters, activities or things relating to the First Nation, its members, lands, moneys or property interests, or relating to other tribal patrimony.
Published under authority of the Senate of Canada