Parliamentary Officers’ Study Program

The Parliament of Canada has always made a concerted effort to share its parliamentary expertise and experience with representatives of other parliaments. In particular, it has maintained a focus on ensuring that this information is extended as much as possible to visiting parliamentary officials.

The Parliamentary Officers’ Study Program (formerly known as the Canadian Parliamentary Cooperation Seminar) is designed as an opportunity for senior parliamentary staff from foreign legislatures and Canadian jurisdictions to learn about the functioning of the Parliament of Canada and, in turn, to reflect on their own practices.

The Program involves the three partners of the Parliament of Canada: the Senate; the House of Commons; and the Library of Parliament. Together, they offer participants the opportunity to observe, discuss and exchange views with senior Canadian parliamentary officials on the various procedural, administrative and research services provided to parliamentarians.

The program is normally offered twice a year, in the spring and fall, over the course of nine working days. Held in either English or French, it comprises presentations, question and answer periods, opportunities to network, as well as site visits.  View a recent POSP program and photo.

The determination of program participants is at the express invitation of either the Clerk of the Senate or the Clerk of the House of Commons after receiving a request from their counterpart in a foreign legislature.

Once finalized, the dates for upcoming programs are posted on the calendar of activities.