Parliament of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario



Greeted by Study Program staff

Participants' registration

Welcome breakfast hosted by International and Interparliamentary Affairs Directorate

How Canadians Govern Themselves

  • Parliamentary government
  • A federal state
  • Constitution Act
  • Rule of Law and the Courts; Charter of Rights
  • Political parties; Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Present Canadian political scene

Lunch at leisure

Official photo session

Institutional Accountability and Good Governance

Legislative Process

  • Type and structure of bills
  • Stages in the legislative process
  • Procedural considerations

Evening at leisure


Daily Programs in the Senate and House of Commons

  • Statements by Members and Oral Questions
  • Routine Proceedings
  • Government Orders
  • Private Members’ Business
  • Adjournment Proceedings
  • Weekly Business Statement
  • Take note debates

Impartiality of Table Officers and Relations with Members of Parliament

  • Impartiality and role of the Clerk and Table Officers
  • Relations with Presiding Officers, House Leaders and Whips
  • Relations with backbench members of the Government and of the Opposition

Lunch at leisure

Journals and Private Members’ Business

  • Private Members Business
  • Page Program

Table Research Branch

  • Manager, Members' Orientation Secretariat, House of Commons
  • Research and analysis of parliamentary procedure
  • Procedural research tools
  • Election Readiness and Orientation Program

Evening at leisure


Table Officers’ meeting (House of Commons of Canada)

Administrative Setting

  • Governance, authority of the Speaker, Board of Internal Economy
  • Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs
  • Office of the Clerk of the House and organizational structure of the administration
  • Career Management Review Board; rotation policy for procedural staff

Technical Systems in the Chamber

  • Speaker’s Chair
  • Clerk’s Table

Refreshments with participants

Lunch hosted by the House of Commons

Attend House of Commons Speaker’s Parade

Attendance at Members’ Statements and House of Commons Question Period

Meeting with the Speaker of the House of Commons of Canada

Evening at leisure


Representative role of a Member of Parliament

Library of Parliament Session

Lunch hosted by the Library of Parliament

Office of the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel, House of Commons

  • Rule of law as a focus of parliamentary democracy
  • Position and role of Law Clerk
  • Work of Legal Services
  • Multiplicity of clients
  • Legal advice to the House and Members of Parliament
  • Corporate legal work for House administration

International and Interparliamentary Affairs – Parliamentary Associations

  • Parliamentary diplomacy

Evening at leisure


Strategic Planning

Comparative Discussion on Participants’ Legislatures
(Participants will be invited to make a five minute presentation about their Legislature and make comparisons with the Canadian parliamentary system)

Lunch and Cultural activity

Evening at leisure


At leisure



  • Organization and role of the Committees Directorates
  • Structure and mandate of committees
  • Administration and procedures
  • Public consultation

Daily Activity of Committees

  • Swearing-in and Questioning of Witnesses
  • Deliberations-Proceedings
  • Reports
  • Rules and procedures

Lunch hosted by the Senate

Observe Committee Proceedings

Evening at leisure


Office of the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel, Senate

  • Legislative drafting
  • Role of Parliamentary Counsel
  • Parliamentary privilege

Meeting with the Speaker of the Senate of Canada

The Role of a Senator

Lunch at leisure

Attend Senate Speaker’s Parade

Attendance at Senators’ Statements and official recognition, Question Period and Daily Routine of Business

Officers / Agents of Parliament

  • Overview, role and function
  • Supporting Parliament in its accountability and oversight function

Evening at leisure


Office of the Auditor General

  • Responsibilities
  • Independent information and advice to Parliament to help hold government to account for stewardship of public funds
  • Reports to Parliament
  • Relationship with the Standing Committee on Public Accounts

The Conflict of interest Codes / regimes for Parliamentarians

Lunch at leisure

The Financial Cycle and Business of Supply

  • Pre-budget consultations and budget
  • Business of supply
  • Appropriation Act
  • Governor General’s Special Warrants
  • Public Accounts of Canada

Senate Legislative Information Management Systems

  • Information Management
  • Debates
  • Publications
  • Broadcasting

Evening at leisure


Financial Systems and Human Resources

  • Budgeting process
  • Strategic planning
  • Resources and entitlements provided to Senators and Senate administration
  • Human Resources Modernization – A Senate Perspective

Financial Systems and Human Resources (continued)

Feedback and de-briefing session

Farewell reception

End of Official Program

Optional Training Session 1

Evening at leisure


Optional Training Session 2

End of Optional Training Sessions

End of Program

Departure of participants