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OBJECTIVE: The association's aim is to find points of convergence in our respective national policies, initiate dialogue on points of divergence, encourage exchanges of information, and promote better understanding between Canadian and American parliamentarians on shared issues of concern.

The association convenes an annual meeting, alternating between Canada and the United States, attended by delegates from the Parliament of Canada and the United States Congress. Over a two-day period, in both plenary session and committee (Economic and Trade Issues, International Issues and Transborder Issues), the delegates seek to identify shared values and find possible solutions to a variety of bilateral and multilateral matters of concern to both countries.

From time to time, meetings are organized in Washington on especially pressing topics. Delegations from the Canadian section have participated in national and regional conferences of governors and state legislators, as well as in national and regional summits organized by business groups and local parliamentary associations interested in transborder trade and tourism.