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BILI Committee Meeting

Notices of Meeting include information about the subject matter to be examined by the committee and date, time and place of the meeting, as well as a list of any witnesses scheduled to appear. The Evidence is the edited and revised transcript of what is said before a committee. The Minutes of Proceedings are the official record of the business conducted by the committee at a sitting.

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Meeting No. 2
Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Standing Joint Committee on the Library of Parliament met at 12:04 p.m. this day, in Room 237-C, Centre Block, for the purpose of electing a Joint Chair (House of Commons), pursuant to Standing Order 106(2).


Members of the Committee present representing the Senate: The Honourable Senators Anne C. Cools, Nicole Eaton and Michel Rivard.


Members of the Committee present representing the House of Commons: Hon. Marie-P. Charette-Poulin, Blaine Calkins, Réjean Genest, Richard M. Harris, Carol Hughes, Guy Lauzon, Colin Mayes, José Nunez-Melo, Scott Simms and Brian Storseth.


Acting Members from the House of Commons present: Brad Butt for Dave MacKenzie, Dan Harris for Manon Perreault and Joy Smith for Rod Bruinooge.


In attendance: Library of Parliament: Tanya Dupuis, Analyst; Marie-Ève Hudon, Analyst.

Pursuant to Standing Order 106(2), the Joint Clerk (House of Commons) of the Committee presided over the election of a Joint Chair (House of Commons).

On motion of Marie-P. Charette-Poulin, it was agreed, — That Richard M. Harris be elected Joint Chair (House of Commons) of the Committee.


At 12:10 p.m., Richard M. Harris took the Chair.

The Committee proceeded to the consideration of matters related to Committee business.

Scott Simms moved, — That, whereas the Library of Parliament already scans Sessional Papers which are tabled in response to Order Paper Questions in the House of Commons, and makes the scanned copies available on the Parliamentary Intranet, that the Library of Parliament provide unfettered access for all Canadians to these same documents on the public internet site, and that such access be provided, to all existing and future scanned Sessional Papers, as soon as practicable.

Debate arose thereon.


It was agreed, — That the debate be now adjourned.


It was agreed, — That, at the next meeting, the Joint Committee hear from the Library of Parliament relatively to Scott Simms' motion.


At 12:35 p.m., the Committee adjourned to the call of the Chair.


Christine Holke David, Kevin Pittman
Joint Clerks of the Committee

2015/10/07 10:00 a.m.