This enactment establishes an environmental management regime for mining activities conducted on lands in the Yukon Territory under the Yukon Quartz Mining Act and the Yukon Placer Mining Act. It institutes a classification of levels of mining activity and a correspond ing system of approvals by federal authorities.

Persons wishing to conduct any mining activity must determine under which classification level the activity falls, and must comply with the various requirements applicable to that level of activity. There are four classes of activity (which are detailed in the regulations), ranging in their effect from minor environmental disturbance to significant impact.

``Class I'' activities require no approval, but must comply with prescribed operating conditions. ``Class II'' activities require prior notification to a federal authority. ``Class III'' activities require the advance submission and approval of a detailed operating plan. ``Class IV'' activities also require an operating plan and, in addition, require public notification and, in some cases, public consultation.

Hard-rock mines under the Yukon Quartz Mining Act must obtain a licence before going into production.

Security deposits may be required up to the amount of the estimated cost of mitigating the environmental disturbance.

The enactment provides for the amendment and transfer of operating plans and licences. It provides for inspection and enforcement by designated inspectors, and the imposition of fines for offences arising from non-compliance with the provisions of the Act, regulations, operating plans and licences.