Availability of compliance plans and administrative agreements

14. A designated regulatory authority must make available to the public the compliance plans it approves, including any approved changes, and the administrative agreements it enters into, except any parts of the plans and agreements containing

    (a) trade secrets of a person who requests that they not be disclosed; or

    (b) information the disclosure of which could reasonably be expected to result in material financial loss to, or prejudice the competitive position of, a person who requests that it not be disclosed.


Governor in Council may make regulations

15. The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the President of the Treasury Board, make regulations for carrying out the purposes of this Act, including regulations

    (a) respecting the approval of proposed compliance plans and changes to approved compliance plans and the negotiation of administrative agreements;

    (b) prescribing steps to be taken

      (i) to bring approved compliance plans, including any approved changes to them, to the attention of the persons who are subject to them, and

      (ii) to bring the suspension or termination of the plans to their attention; and

    (c) prescribing how approved compliance plans, including approved changes to them, and administrative agreements are to be made available to the public.


Compliance plans, etc., not regulations

16. Compliance plans, procedures and factors for evaluating and approving them, administrative agreements and notices approved, made or published under this Act are not regulations for the purposes of the Statutory Instruments Act.

Validity of compliance plans and agreements

17. The validity of an approval or administrative agreement under this Act is not affected by any defect in meeting the requirements of this Act, other than subsection 6(3), and the regulations relating to the approval or agreement.