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House Government Bill
41st Parliament, 2nd Session
October 16, 2013 - August 2, 2015
Text of the Bill
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An Act to amend the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act and other Acts
Short Title
Protection of Canada from Terrorists Act
Statute of Canada
2015, c. 9
Last Stage Completed
Royal Assent (2015-04-23)
Progress: Royal Assent
Further Reading
Reading List
  • Class struggles : the new CSIS human source privilege. John Norris. Criminal law quarterly, 64(3 & 4):509-521, August 2017
  • Parliamentary and judicial implications of Americanizing Canada's counter-terrorism initiatives. Amanda DiPaolo and Jamie Gillies. Journal of parliamentary and political law , 11(1):21-39, March 2017
  • The problems with the new CSIS human source privilege in Bill C-44. Roach, Kent. Criminal law quarterly, 61(4):451-64, Dec. 2014
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