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Canadian Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association


Core provisions to be included in the Act

The following list of provisions for inclusion in the Act is intended to be indicative and non- exhaustive, as a starting point for discussion.

The Act would:

1. Confer on the CPA the legal capacities of a body corporate.

2. Provide that the CPA as an organisation shall have the following privileges and immunities:

a) exemption or relief from taxes at least equivalent to those enjoyed by the CPA as a charity;

b) inviolability of official archives, premises and communications; and

c) [immunity from prosecution and legal process, except in relation to certain civil matters].

3. Confer on the Secretary General of the CPA the following privileges and immunities, (if the Secretary General is not a UK citizen):

a) privileges and immunities similar to those afforded to diplomats;

b) exemption or relief from taxes and rates;

c) exemption and privileges in respect of official papers and documents equivalent to protections afforded to diplomats; and

d) [immunity from prosecution and legal process in respect of acts or omissions in the course of the performance of official duties, except in relation to certain civil matters].