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23 March 2021

Joint Statement of Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26), U.S. House of Representatives and the Honourable Wayne Easter, P.C., M.P., Co-Chairs of the U.S. and Canadian sections of the Canada–United States Inter-Parliamentary Group (IPG), respectively

“As co-chairs of the Canadian and U.S. sections of the IPG, we applaud our governments for renewing their commitment to strengthening the partnership between our two countries. While our proximity to one another necessitates a close relationship, it is our shared democratic values that forever binds us together. It is through this bond that we encourage our governments to work collaboratively to continue to fight the spread of COVID-19 and usher in an economic recovery that benefits all North Americans – especially those hardest hit by the pandemic.

In the spirit of this bilateral coordination, the management of our shared border must be prioritized throughout this public health crisis. The free movement of people and goods is an essential part of the fabric of our communities and underpins our personal connections, shared cultural heritage, and interconnected economies. We need to work together to develop a synchronized strategy that will benefit the health, safety, and economic interests of our citizens.

Given our nations’ steadfast dedication to increasing the rates of vaccination and working with multilateral institutions to improve vaccine distribution globally, we look forward to our governments continued engagement on the path forward to quickly resuming normal operations at the border.

We are each other’s closest allies and truest friends.“


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