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11 February 2021

Canadian Parliamentarians meet with members of the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

On 10 February 2021, members of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Group (the Group) of the Canadian Section of the Canada–United States Inter-Parliamentary Group (IPG) met with a delegation from the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, led by Mayor Mike Vandersteen of Sheboygan, Wisconsin and Mayor Walter Sendzik of St. Catherines, Ontario.

“The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Basin is the world’s premier source of freshwater and serve as a key environmental and economic corridor reaching deep into the centre of North America,” noted Senator Diane Griffin, Senate Co-Chair of the Group. “Only through collaborative, bi-national management, can we preserve this natural treasure for future generations. Cities serve a vital role in identifying and addressing shared priorities, and we welcome the leadership of the Cities Initiative in restoring and protecting the ecosystem.”

“As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to retain close links with our municipal partners on both sides of the border,” added Vance Badawey, MP, House of Commons Co-Chair of the Group. “We must seize the opportunity to forge a relationship based on cooperation, innovation and responsible stewardship of our integrated economies and environments.”

The views expressed in this news release are specific to the Canadian Section of the Canada–United States IPG.

The Canada–United States IPG aims to find points of convergence in respective national policies, to initiate dialogue on points of divergence, to encourage the exchange of information and to promote better understanding among legislators on shared issues of concern. Additional information on the Group can be found at


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