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Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group



28 August 2019


From 4–8 August 2019, the Honourable Senator Diane Griffin, Vice-Chair of the Canadian Section of the Canada–United States Inter-Parliamentary Group (IPG), led a delegation to the annual legislative summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) in Nashville, Tennessee. Delegation members included the Honourable Senators Scott Tannas and Paul McIntyre, Mr. David Christopherson, M.P., and Mr. Colin Fraser, M.P.

“Our interaction with state legislators on the full range of issues discussed during the legislative summit allowed members of the IPG’s Canadian Section to communicate the importance of our bilateral relationship and seek opportunities to work together for our shared benefit,” said Senator Griffin.

Mr. Fraser added: “I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to make a presentation to the NCSL Executive Committee about the IPG, our activities, and Canada–United States relations.”

“At this year’s event, panel discussions were held on international trade, criminal justice reform, the realities that rural economies face, autonomous vehicles, immigration and border affairs, and slowing down bad behavior on roadways; all of which will be helpful to our legislative work in Canada. There is certainly a great deal of valuable information federal governments can learn from state governments, and that Canada and the United States can learn from each other on such issues,” concluded Senator Griffin.

The National Conference of State Legislatures is a bipartisan organization serving the legislators and legislative staff of the 50 U.S. states, as well as its commonwealths and territories. With its standing committees comprised of legislators and legislative staff, the NCSL provides research, technical assistance and a venue for the exchange of ideas on state issues. Additional information can be found at

The Canada–United States Inter-Parliamentary Group aims to find points of convergence in respective national policies, to initiate dialogue on points of divergence, to encourage the exchange of information and to promote better understanding among legislators on shared issues of concern. Additional information can be found at

The views expressed in this news release are specific to the Canadian Section of the Canada–United States Inter-Parliamentary Group.


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