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Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group



1 August 2019


From July 28-31, Senator Michael L. MacDonald, Co-Chair, led a delegation from the Canadian Section of the Canada–United States Inter-Parliamentary Group to the annual meeting of the Council of States Governments’ Eastern Regional Conference (ERC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The other members of the delegation were Senator Percy Downe and Mrs. Brenda Shanahan, M.P.

During the meeting, delegates were able to discuss a range of topics of common interest with members of provincial and state legislatures. These topics included Canada–U.S. relations and trade, energy and the environment and agriculture. “It’s always a pleasure to attend conferences where members of the Canada–United States Inter-Parliamentary Group can interact with federal, state and provincial legislators,” said Senator MacDonald.

He added: “The Eastern Regional Conference always includes very interesting discussion on issues of common interest and concern. I know that my colleagues and I gained valuable insights during the meeting’s presentations that will guide our legislative work in Parliament. This is especially true from my perspective as a senator representing an eastern Canadian province.”

The ERC is a regional association of state legislators from 13 states in the U.S. northeast and five Eastern Canadian provinces. By facilitating cooperation among its member jurisdictions, the ERC promotes multi-state and region-wide solutions to the problems and challenges facing state and provincial legislators. Information on the ERC is available at

The views expressed in this news release are specific to the Canadian Section of the Canada–United States IPG.

The Canada–United States IPG aims to find points of convergence in respective national policies, to initiate dialogue on points of divergence, to encourage the exchange of information and to promote better understanding among legislators on shared issues of concern. Additional information on the IPG can be found at


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