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House Government Bill
37th Parliament, 1st Session
January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002
Text of the Bill
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An Act to amend the Criminal Code and to amend other Acts
Short Title
Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2001
Statute of Canada
2002, c. 13
Last Stage Completed
Royal Assent (2002-06-04)
Progress: Royal Assent
Further Reading
Reading List
  • Battling child porn.. Hawaleshka, Danylo. Maclean's, 115:55, Apr. 8 2002
  • Child pornography, the Internet and offending.. Taylor, Max, Ethel Quayle and Gemma Holland. Isuma, 2:94-100, Summer 2001
  • Obstructing a peace officer : finding fault in the Supreme Court of Canada. Wilson, Larry C.. Manitoba law journal, 27:273-96, no. 2 2000
  • Porn-busters beware : a new law will make it illegal for anyone - including vigilance committees - to look at kid-sex on-line. Ko, Marnie. Report newsmagazine, 29:17-18, Mar. 18, 2002
  • Stopping stalking: a search for solutions, a blueprint for effective change.. Anand, Sanjeev. Saskatchewan law review, 64:397-428, no. 2 2001
  • The cybersex offender and children. Bowker, Arthur and Michael Gray. FBI law enforcement bulletin, 74:12-17, Mar. 2005
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  • Sexual Abuse of Children, Child Pornography and Paedophilia on the Internet: An international challenge - Expert Meeting, UNESCO, Paris, 18-19 January
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