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House Government Bill
40th Parliament, 1st Session
November 18, 2008 - December 4, 2008
Text of the Bill
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An Act to amend the Indian Oil and Gas Act
Last Stage Completed
Introduction and First Reading in the House of Commons (2008-12-03)
Progress: Introduction and First Reading in the House of Commons
Legislative Summary
A legislative summary is currently being prepared for this bill by the Parliamentary Information and Research Service of the Library of Parliament. Meanwhile, the following executive summary is available. If you have any questions, please contact the Library of Parliament at (613) 995-1166.

On 3 December 2008, Bill C-5, An Act to amend the Indian Oil and Gas Act, was introduced and read a first time in the House of Commons.

Indian Oil and Gas Canada is the special operating agency within Indian and Northern Affairs Canada mandated to fulfill the Crown’s fiduciary and statutory obligations related to the management of oil and gas resources in First Nations. The bill replaces almost all of the existing provisions of the existing six-section Indian Oil and Gas Act and includes a number of matters that are currently provided for in the Indian Oil and Gas Regulations, 1995.

Bill C-5 expands the Governor-in-Council’s existing regulation-making powers and adds new ones, particularly with respect to licences, permits and leases for the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas on reserve lands. The bill also makes changes in respect of the limitation period for actions to collect amounts owing and the determination of royalty payments. It puts in place sanctions for contraventions of the Act as well as provisions for its enforcement comprised of fines and penalties, a remedy for trespass, environmental protection, and authority to issue replacement leases for lands added to reserve.
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