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House Government Bill
39th Parliament, 2nd Session
October 16, 2007 - September 7, 2008
Text of the Bill
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An Act to amend the Constitution Act, 1867 (Senate tenure)
Short Title
Constitution Act, 2007 (Senate tenure)
Last Stage Completed
Introduction and First Reading in the House of Commons (2007-11-13)
Progress: Introduction and First Reading in the House of Commons
Further Reading
Reading List
  • Promises, promises: opposition stonewalling threatens to derail early initiatives to democratize the Senate. Doll, Cyril. Western standard, p. 36, Mar. 12, 2007
  • Round table on senate reform. Mar, Gary, Marie Bountrogianni and Benoît Pelletier. Canadian parliamentary review, 29:9-16, Winter 2006/2007
  • Senate reform. LeBreton, Marjory. Countdown, p. 1, May 30, 2006
  • Senate reform: is this the beginning?. Smith, David E. and John D. Whyte. SIPP briefing note, no. 17:1-6, Nov. 2006
  • Table ronde sur la réforme du sénat. Mar, Gary, Marie Bountrogianni et Benoît Pelletier. Revue parlementaire canadienne, 29:9-16, Hiver 2006/2007
Party Press Releases
  • Conservative Senate Reform Bills: "Irresponsible Federalism" (Liberal Party)
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