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House Government Bill
39th Parliament, 2nd Session
October 16, 2007 - September 7, 2008
Text of the Bill
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An Act to amend the Constitution Act, 1867 (Democratic representation)
Short Title
Constitution Act, 2007 (Democratic representation)
Last Stage Completed
Introduction and First Reading in the House of Commons (2007-11-14)
Progress: Introduction and First Reading in the House of Commons
Further Reading
Reading List
  • Conceptions of political representation in Canada: an explanation of public opinion. Anderson, Cameron. Canadian journal of political science, 38:1029-58, Dec. 2005
  • Geographic representation and electoral reform. Pearse, Hilary. Canadian parliamentary review, 28:26-32, Autumn 2005
  • Government's seat increase bill 'flies in the face of rep by pop,' says Aucoin. Vongdouangchanh, Bea. The Hill Times, no. 915:1, Nov. 26, 2007
  • La répresentation géographique et la réforme électorale. Pearse, Hilary. Revue parlementaire canadienne, 28:25-31, automne 2005
Party Press Releases
  • Ontario Liberal Caucus Opposes Divisive Electoral Reform
  • Représentation démocratique : les conservateurs veulent accentuer la marginalisation du Québec (Bloc Québécois) (Available in French only)
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