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House Government Bill
39th Parliament, 1st Session
April 3, 2006 - September 14, 2007
Text of the Bill
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An Act to amend the Canada Pension Plan and the Old Age Security Act
Statute of Canada
2007, c. 11
Last Stage Completed
Royal Assent (2007-05-03)
Progress: Royal Assent
Further Reading
Reading List
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  • Reshaping retirement policies in post-industrial nations: the need for flexibility. Curl, Angela and M.C. 'Terry' Hokenstad, Jr. Journal of sociology & social welfare, 33:85-106, June 2006
  • Substitution between disability support programs in Canada. Campolieti, Michele. Canadian public policy, 29:417-30, Dec. 2003
  • The modernization mantra: toward a new architecture for Canada's adult benefits. Battle, Ken. Canadian public policy, 31:431-7, Dec. 2005
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