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(As adopted at a meeting of the General Membership on December 15, 1981 and amended on March 6, 1990)

1. Name:

This organization shall be known as the "Canada-Israel Friendship Group".

2. Status:

It shall function under the authority of the Speakers of the Senate and House of Commons and with the support of the Parliamentary Association Secretariat and in affiliation from time to time with selected groups of Israeli parliamentarians.

3. Purpose:

The purpose of the Group is to work for a greater friendship and goodwill between parliamentarians of Canada and Israel and thereby serve to further cooperation between national parliaments of both countries and between both countries.

4. Membership:

Canadian Membership in the Group is open to all Members of the Canadian Senate and House of Commons on application and payment of the membership fee.

5. Financial Arrangements and Operative Year:

1.         The operating year of the Group is the federal fiscal year commencing on the first day of April and ending on the thirty-first day of March.

2.         a) The Group shall maintain a comprehensive financial reporting and auditing system of accounts as approved from time to time by the Speakers of the Senate and House of Commons.

            b) The Executive Secretary shall be the custodian of the records of the Group including the financial accounts and shall report regularly therein to the Executive.

6. Annual General Meeting:

1.         An Annual General Meeting of the membership shall be held at least once in each fiscal year when Parliament is in session at the call of the Chairman or any ten members of the Group.

2.         It shall:

a)         elect the Executive Committee;

b)         receive and act on an Annual Financial Statement.

7. Special General Meeting:

A Special General Meeting of the membership may be called at any time by the Chairman or any ten members of the Group. It shall transact only such business as was designated in the notice of the meeting.

8. Quorum:

a)         Twelve members shall constitute a Quorum at an Annual General or Special General Meeting.

b)         Four members shall constitute a Quorum at an Executive Committee Meeting.

9. The Executive:

1)         The Executive shall have the responsibility for the general management of the affairs of the Group and shall report therein at each Annual General or Special General Meeting.

2)         The Executive shall consist of:

i)          a Chairman;

ii)         Three Vice-Chairmen;

iii)        Eight other members (two from the Senate and six from the House of Commons) one of whom shall be designated Parliamentary Treasurer of the Group by the Executive.

3)         The Executive shall meet at least twice in each fiscal year. Its responsibilities include the preparation and presentation of the annual budget, financial statement and program activities for the ensuing year.

10. Nominations:

Nominations for any position on the Executive Committee may be received from the floor.

11. Support Staff:

In accordance with Article 2, the Group may request the Parliamentary Associations Secretariat to designate an experienced person to act as Executive Secretary of the Group to coordinate its activities with those of the Secretariat and other Canadian Parliamentary Associations.

12. Rules of Procedure:

Meetings of the Group shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures and practices of the Canadian Parliament as applicable to public meetings in Canada.

13. Voting:

Voting at meetings shall be by show of hands unless a written ballot is demanded by at least five members present (two in the case of an Executive Committee meeting).

14. Constitution:

The Constitution may be amended at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. The text of any proposed amendments to the Constitution is to be sent to all members at their Ottawa parliamentary office at least 30 days in advance of such meeting, and a majority of two-thirds of the members present is required for the adoption of any such amendments.