Overview of Protocol

The Protocol Office complements the work of Parliamentary Exchanges, Parliamentary Associations and Parliamentary Conferences by lending leadership, expertise and advice on all matters of protocol.  More specifically, the Office ensures that:

  • all protocol aspects of parliamentary exchanges and official visits of foreign parliamentarians and Canadian dignitaries invited by the Speaker of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Commons or other Canadian parliamentarians are properly identified, organized and acted on;
  • visiting dignitaries receive all the diplomatic courtesies; and
  • dignitaries, while visiting the Parliament, receive a positive image and understanding of the institution.

Protocol plays a primary role in planning, organizing and supporting all official events held on Parliament Hill, be they:

  • the welcoming of foreign Heads of State and Government or other senior parliamentary dignitaries;
  • addresses to Parliament;
  • official recognition ceremonies;  or
  • special high-level parliamentary events.

The Protocol Office also organizes hospitality, programs, and other protocol-related events for the Speakers, Parliamentary Exchanges, Parliamentary Associations and Parliamentary Conferences.