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Joint Interparliamentary Council (JIC)

Conseil interparlementaire mixte (CIM)


Meeting No. 168

December 6, 2017

The Joint Interparliamentary Council met this day, in camera, at 3:35 p.m., in room 356-S of the Centre Block, Mr. Bruce Stanton, M.P., presiding.

Representing the Senate: Hon. Dennis Dawson, Hon. Michael L. MacDonald and Hon. Donald Plett, Senators.

Representing the House of Commons: John Brassard, Hon. Wayne Easter, David McGuinty for the Hon. Pablo Rodriguez, Scott Simms, Bruce Stanton and Filomena Tassi, MPs.

In attendance:

From the International and Interparliamentary Affairs Directorate: Gérald Lafrenière, Principal Clerk, Parliamentary Exchanges and Protocol; Danielle Labonté, Deputy Principal Clerk, Parliamentary Associations; Nancy Anctil, Chief of Protocol and Events Management; Gilles Larocque, Manager, Resource Planning and Administration.

From the Senate: Agna Diallo, Manager, Financial Policy, Planning and Corporate Reporting, Finance and Procurement Directorate.

From the House of Commons: Renée Prud’homme, Deputy Director, Financial Planning, Policy and Financial Planning; Stefany Rockburn, Senior Financial Advisor, Policy and Financial Planning.

From the Library of Parliament: Christine Ivory, Chief, International Affairs, International Affairs Section; Marcus Pistor, Senior Director, Economics, Resources and International Affairs Division.

1. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of November 22, 2017:

By unanimous consent, the minutes of the meeting of November 22, 2017 were adopted.

2. Follow-up on the discussion regarding the recent appearances before the Sub-Committee on the Senate Estimates and the Board of Internal Economy:

Mr. Stanton provided a summary of the appearance of the Clerk of the Joint Interparliamentary Council before the House of Commons’ Board of Internal Economy (BOIE).

The Council discussed the issue of travel visas. After debate, it was agreed, that, when a delegate is denied a travel visa for an upcoming Association mission, the Association’s Executive Committee must consider the circumstances of the denial, and decide whether to: identify a substitute delegate, reduce the delegation accordingly, or cancel the activity.

The Council also discussed the request for additional resources for the International and Interparliamentary Affairs Directorate and the various funding options. After debate, it was agreed, that, Mr. Stanton suggest to the BOIE that the funds required for the three additional resources be taken from the Parliamentary Associations’ funding envelope.

3. Five-year Review – Action Plan:

The Council continued its review of the action plan items.

4. Other Business:

At 4:50 p.m., the Council adjourned to the call of the Co-Chairs.

Colette Labrecque-Riel