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Bill C-56

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This enactment amends the Corrections and Conditional Release Act to
(a) establish that a person who receives a particular sentence for an offence set out in Schedule I of the Act is, for the purposes of determining his or her statutory release date, a person-at-risk;
(b) establish new rules to determine the statutory release date of an offender who, after he or she becomes a person-at-risk, receives a sentence of two years or more — or two or more sentences that amount to two years or more — for committing an offence, or offences, set out in Schedule I of the Act, and ensure that the offender’s statutory release date cannot be earlier than six months before the end of their sentence; and
(c) require that the Correctional Service of Canada provide the police with information that is relevant to an offender’s risk of reoffending if the offender’s statutory release date is determined in accordance with the new rules.
The enactment also makes a consequential amendment to the International Transfer of Offenders Act.

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