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Bill C-51

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(Section 55)
(article 55)

Most-Favoured-Nation Tariff
Preferential Tariff

Tariff Item
Description of Goods
Initial Rate
Final Rate
Initial Rate
Final Rate

---Trailers and semi-trailers of subheading 8716.31 or
Free (A)
UST: Free
UST: Free (A)

8716.39, on condition that they:

MT: Free
MT: Free (A)

(a) are registered and licensed in a foreign country

MUST: Free
MUST: Free (A)

and operated in Canada with a vehicle licence issued

CT: Free
CT: Free (A)

by the appropriate provincial licensing authority;

CIAT: Free
CIAT: Free (A)

(b) leave from and return to the foreign country

CRT: Free
CRT: Free (A)

in the normal course of operation;

IT: Free
IT: Free (A)

(c) are exported within 30 days of the date of

NT: Free
NT: Free (A)

their importation or for an additional period not

SLT: Free
SLT: Free (A)

exceeding 24 months where a customs officer is

PT: Free
PT: Free (A)

satisfied that the exportation of the trailers or

GPT: Free
GPT: Free (A)

semi-trailers is delayed because:

LDCT: Free
LDCT: Free (A)

(i) of adverse weather conditions;

CCCT: Free
CCCT: Free (A)

(ii) the trailers or semi-trailers are being


equipped, reconditioned, reconstructed,


refurbished or repaired;

(iii) the trailers or semi-trailers have a major equipment breakdown;

(iv) the trailers or semi-trailers are detained under an order of a Canadian court, or under an Act of Parliament or the legislature of a province or any regulation made thereunder; or

(v) the delivery of the goods to be loaded on or in the trailer or semi-trailer is delayed.

The trailers and semi-trailers provided for in this tariff item may engage in the transportation of goods from one point in Canada to another point in Canada where:

(a) that transportation is incidental to the international traffic of the goods;

(b) the transportation does not occur outside the territorial limits of Canada; and

(c) the trailer or semi-trailer has not entered Canada for the purpose of an in-transit movement through Canada to a point outside of Canada

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