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Bill C-474

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This enactment provides the legal framework for preparing and implementing a National Sustainable Development Strategy that will dramatically accelerate the elimination of major environmental problems. It requires the Government of Canada to adopt specific goals with respect to sustainable development and to report progress to Parliament and to Canadians based on a standard set of environmental indicators. It provides for the adoption of an official National Sustainable Development Strategy of the Government of Canada.
It provides for the appointment of a Cabinet Committee on Sustainable Development and a Sustainable Development Advisory Council to advise the Government of Canada on the development of the National Sustainable Development Strategy.
The enactment also provides for the appointment of an independent Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development by the Governor in Council. It lists the Commissioner’s powers and obligations, which include monitoring progress in achieving sustainable development and reporting to Parliament on the implementation of the National Sustainable Development Strategy. The Commissioner can also receive petitions and follow up on the response to those petitions by the appropriate minister.

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