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Bill C-405

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1st Session, 39th Parliament,
55-56 Elizabeth II, 2006-2007
house of commons of canada
BILL C-405
An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (deduction for medical doctors in underserviced areas)
R.S., c.1 (5th Supp.)
Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:
1. The Income Tax Act is amended by adding the following after section 114.2:
114.3 (1) Where a taxpayer who is a medical doctor opens a medical practice in an underserviced area, in each of the first five consecutive taxation years during which the practice is operated by the taxpayer in that area, there may be deducted in computing the taxpayer’s income for each of those years an amount equal to five per cent of the total of the taxpayer’s taxable income derived from the operation of that practice in that year.
(2) The Minister of Health shall, after consultation with the provincial ministers of the Crown responsible for health, make regulations defining the expression “underserviced area” for the purposes of this section.
Review of Act
2. A review of the provisions and operation of this Act shall be completed by the Minister of Health during the ninth year after this Act is assented to. The Minister shall cause a report of the results of the review to be laid before each House of Parliament on any of the first fifteen days on which that House is sitting after the report is completed.
Coming into force
3. The provisions of this Act come into force on a day or days to be fixed by order of the Governor in Council.
Published under authority of the Speaker of the House of Commons
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