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Bill C-327

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1st Session, 39th Parliament,
55 Elizabeth II, 2006
house of commons of canada
BILL C-327
An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act (reduction of violence in television broadcasts)
WHEREAS violence is a major cause for concern in our society;
WHEREAS, under the Broadcasting Act, broadcasting licensees take full responsibility for the programs they broadcast;
WHEREAS it is recognized that the broadcasting of violent scenes is one of the factors related to violence in society;
WHEREAS censorship is not a solution;
WHEREAS the creative freedom of workers in the television industry must be protected;
WHEREAS it is also necessary to assume responsibility for the protection of children;
WHEREAS the broadcasting industry has its own codes and classification systems against violence on television, instruments that have been approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission;
AND WHEREAS the number of violent scenes broadcast on television during the hours when children watch television, namely, before 9 p.m., has nevertheless increased;
1991, c. 11
NOW, THEREFORE, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:
1. Paragraph 3(l)(d) of the Broadcasting Act is amended by striking out the word “and” at the end of subparagraph (iii), by adding the word “and” at the end of subparagraph (iv) by adding the following after subparagraph (iv):
(v) contribute to solving the problem of violence in society by reducing violence in the programming offered to the public, including children;
2. The Act is amended by adding the following after paragraph 5(2)(b):
(b.1) takes into account public concerns regarding violence in programming;
3. The Act is amended by adding the following after section 10:
Regulations respecting violence
10.1 (1) The Commission shall make regulations respecting the broadcasting of violent scenes, including those contained in programs intended for persons under the age of 12 years.
(2) At least once every five years, the Commission shall examine every broadcasting undertaking to verify its compliance with the regulations made under subsection (1), and non-compliance with those regulations shall be punished according to law.
Annual report
(3) On the expiration of six months after the coming into force of the regulations made under subsection (1), and every year thereafter, the Commission shall publish a report on the administration of those regulations, including the punishment imposed for non-compliance with the regulations.
Five-year review
10.2 (1) On the expiration of five years after the coming into force of the regulations made under subsection 10.1(1), the Commission shall review the provisions, operation and effectiveness of those regulations with a view to evaluating their ability to meet their objectives.
Public hearing
(2) The review shall include a hearing during which members of the public may make representations orally or in writing.
(3) Not later than six months after the date on which the review begins, the Commission shall submit a report to the Minister stating its findings, including any recommendations for amendments to the regulation or the Act, and the Minister shall cause the report to be laid before each House of Parliament on any of the first fifteen days on which that House is sitting after the day on which the Minister receives it.
Coming into force
4. Section 3 comes into force one year after the day on which this Act is assented to.
Published under authority of the Speaker of the House of Commons
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