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Bill S-8

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This enactment requires the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to make regulations forbidding or restricting the use of personal watercraft.
A local authority may, after general consultation within the community, including consultation with local residents and with law enforcement agencies, adopt a resolution proposing to the Minister that the use of personal watercraft be forbidden on designated waterways or that some or all of the restrictions established by the regulations apply to designated waterways. These may be all or specified parts of navigable waterways in the local authority’s area. The Minister may refuse to act on a proposal that would impede navigation.
On receiving the resolution and information regarding the consultation that took place, the Minister publishes notice of the proposed application of the regulations in the Canada Gazette. Changes may not be made effective until 90 days after the publication date and the Minister must give all interested parties an opportunity to make representations on the proposal during the 90 day period.
The restrictions are then made applicable to the designated waterways by the Minister adding them by order to the appropriate schedule. Schedule I of the regulations will list those waterways in which personal watercraft are forbidden. Schedule II of the regulations will list those waterways where their use is subject to restrictions.

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