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Bill C-227

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The purpose of this enactment is to establish the office of Pension Ombudsman to assist persons dealing with the government on benefits under the Canada Pension Plan or the Old Age Security Act or tax liabilities thereon in case where they are dealt with unfairly or unreasonably or with unreasonable delay. The Ombudsman may investigate complaints and report on complaints that are not satisfactorily resolved. The reports may be to the relevant minister as to specific details of complaints, or in general terms to a Standing Committee of the House of Commons.

The Ombudsman may propose changes in the way the public is served in these matters with respect to fairness, reasonableness and promptness.

If a department fails to improve its policies and practices at the suggestion of the Ombudsman, the Ombudsman may make a report to the Minister, and the report must then be laid before Parliament.