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Bill S-10

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This enactment amends the National Defence Act to authorize military judges to issue DNA warrants in the investigation of designated offences committed by a person who is subject to the Code of Service Discipline. It also authorizes military judges to order military offenders convicted of a designated offence to provide samples of bodily substances for the purpose of the national DNA data bank. These authorities are similar to those that may be exercised by a provincial court judge under the Criminal Code.

This enactment makes related amendments to the DNA Identification Act and the Criminal Code. The DNA Identification Act amendments allow bodily substances, and the DNA profiles derived from them, that are taken as a result of an order or authorization by a military judge, to be included in the national DNA data bank. The Criminal Code amendments extend the prohibition against unauthorized use of bodily substances and the results of forensic DNA analysis to include those obtained under the National Defence Act.

Other amendments to the Criminal Code clarify and strengthen the existing regime concerning the taking of bodily substances for the purpose of forensic DNA analysis.