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Bill C-7

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This enactment amends the provisions of the Criminal Records Act with respect to pardons and makes minor and technical amendments to that Act.

The enactment provides for the automatic revocation of a pardon upon a subsequent conviction for an indictable offence or an offence punishable either on indictment or on summary conviction, subject to certain exclusions. It provides that, when the National Parole Board is considering the denial or revocation of a pardon, the affected person will generally make any representations to the Board in writing. It also imposes a one-year waiting period to re-apply for a pardon following a denial.

A new provision enables notations to be made in the automated criminal conviction records retrieval system maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in respect of the records relating to certain offences listed in the regulations of pardoned persons in order to allow the disclosure of those records when individuals are screened for positions of trust with children or other vulnerable groups.