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Bill C-45

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Her Excellency the Governor General recommends to the House of Commons the appropriation of public revenue under the circumstances, in the manner and for the purposes set out in a measure entitled ``An Act respecting the provision of increased funding for health care services, medical equipment, health information and communications technologies, early childhood development and other social services and to amend the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act''.


The purpose of this enactment is to implement certain of the Government of Canada's commitments in respect of health care and early childhood development arising from a meeting of First Ministers held in Ottawa on September 11, 2000.

The enactment provides funding for the acquisition and installation of medical equipment and funding for health information and communications technologies.

The amendments to the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act provide for increased funding over five years to the provinces and territories through the Canada Health and Social Transfer for health, post-secondary education, social assistance and social services, including early childhood development.