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Bill C-441

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The purpose of this enactment is to require that a sentence for the commission of certain serious offences be supplemented if a firearm is used. The additional sentence is to be served consecutively to the other sentence and is to be a further minimum punishment of ten years imprisonment if the firearm is not discharged; twenty years if it is discharged; and twenty-five years if it is discharged and as a result a person, other than an accomplice, is wounded, maimed or disfigured.

The offences affected are those specified in the following sections:

    235 (murder);
    236 (manslaughter);
    239 (attempted murder);
    244 (assault causing bodily harm with intent);
    272 (sexual assault with a weapon);
    273 (aggravated sexual assault);
    279 (kidnapping);
    279.1 (hostage taking);
    344 (robbery); and
    346 (extortion).