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Bill C-293

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This enactment would disqualify from charitable status corporations, trusts and organizations that have received discretionary funding from the public money of Canada or a province if they give direct or indirect support or endorsement to parties or candidates for election at the federal, provincial or municipal level, or if they issue statements or publications that are political and that go beyond a direct promotion of their charitable objects. The Minister is empowered to cancel the registration of charities that carry out these activities.

It would remove from charitable status those special interest organizations that receive funding from public money and are involved in political activities as described above.

The enactment does not apply to public money received from legislation with general application such as tax refunds or rebates, training or other social allowances but only to discretionary funding by grants, contributions or loans. Nor does it apply to money received in the form of donations or other support from members of the public.

There is provision for minor and isolated incidents or errors to be ignored.