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Bill C-79

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His Excellency the Governor General recommends to the House of Commons the appropriation of public revenue under the circumstances, in the manner and for the purposes set out in a measure entitled ``An Act to permit certain modifications in the application of the Indian Act to bands that desire them''.


This enactment enables Indian bands to adopt modifications to some of the provisons of the Indian Act as it applies to them.

The modifications to the application of the Indian Act remove the need for ministerial approval for the sale of agricultural products and certain artifacts. Additional by-law making powers are conferred on band councils. Fines levied for violations of the Act, the regulations or band by-laws are increased to $5,000 and are payable directly to band councils. Bands may create a voluntary ticketing scheme in order to expedite by-law enforcement. The Minister, rather than the Governor in Council, is given the authority to set aside elections. The term of office for a chief and council is extended from two to three years. The Minister is authorized to enter into agreements with band councils for education al purposes.