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Bill C-101

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This enactment reforms and modernizes transportation regulation formerly established by the National Transportation Act, 1987 and the Railway Act. The key components of the enactment include:

    - a more commercially oriented process for railway companies to sell or lease surplus rail lines to new operators, rather than discontinue service;

    - continued protections for shippers using railways that would ensure adequate levels of service at competitive prices;

    - further deregulation of the domestic air sector by removing the residual regulation in the north;

    - the exclusion of regulation from the following sectors:

          - motor vehicle transport,

          - northern marine resupply services,

          - commodity pipelines, and

          - mergers and acquisitions;

    - a clearer delineation of the role and powers of government and the regulatory body, renamed the Canadian Transportation Agency;

    - the removal of unnecessary or duplicative regulatory provisions and processes;

    - a shift toward greater reliance on general business laws, such as the Canada Business Corporations Act and the Competition Act; and

    - the overall simplification of the legislative framework and the removal of outdated provisions of the Railway Act.