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Index of Proceedings

38th Parliament, 1st Session (October 4, 2004 - November 29, 2005) Current Session

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Index complete to meeting No. 5


André, Guy (BQ--Berthier--Maskinongé)
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 04:0950
Arts and cultures see Parliamentary Poet Laureate


Boulianne, Marc (BQ--Mégantic--L'Érable)
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0930
Boutin, Monique (Library of Parliament)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 03:1645
⇒⇒Parliamentary Poet Laureate, 03:1645
Brodie, Lynn (Library of Parliament)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1815, 1835-40, 1900-15; 03:1650
⇒⇒Parliamentary Poet Laureate, 03:1650
Brydon, Dianne (Library of Parliament)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1825-30, 1850-1900, 1915
Byrne, Hon. Gerry (Lib.--Humber--St. Barbe--Baie Verte)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 05:1830-35


Certificate of nomination
⇒⇒Young, William Robert see Library of Parliament
Chairs and vice-chair, election see Procedure and Committee business
Cordy, Hon. Senator Jane. (Lib.--Nova Scotia)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 05:1825-30


Davies, Libby (NDP--Vancouver East)
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 04:0950


Estimates, 2005-2006, Main see Library of Parliament
Eyking, Hon. Mark (Lib.--Sydney--Victoria)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 05:1830
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0930


Finsten, Hugh (Library of Parliament)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 03:1640, 1650
⇒⇒Parliamentary Poet Laureate, 03:1640, 1650


Goldring, Peter (CPC--Edmonton East)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1855-900; 05:1835-40
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0920
Guimont, Alain (Library of Parliament)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1835


Hall, Thomas (Joint Clerk of the Committee)
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0920; 04:0935-45
Hubley, Hon. Senator Elizabeth. (Lib.--Prince Edward Island)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 05:1845


Kadis, Susan (Lib.--Thornhill)(Joint Chair)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 03:1640-50
⇒⇒Parliamentary Poet Laureate, 03:1640-50
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0920-35; 04:0935-40, 0950-55
Kirkwood, Kate (Library of Parliament)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1820, 1855-1900


Lapointe, Hon. Senator Jean. (Lib--Saurel)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 03:1640-55
⇒⇒Parliamentary Poet Laureate, 03:1640-55
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0925-30; 04:0945, 0950-55
LeBlanc, Hon. Dominic (Lib.--Beauséjour)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1840-50
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0920, 0930
LeBreton, Hon. Senator Marjory (PC--Ontario)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1835-40
Librarian, parliamentary see Library of Parliament--Young, William Robert
Library of Parliament
⇒⇒Estimates, 2005-2006, Main, study, 03:1640-55
⇒⇒Strategic Plan, 2004-2009, study, 02:1810-1920
⇒⇒Young, William Robert, Parliamentary Librarian, nomination, study, 05:1805-50
⇒⇒⇒In camera meeting, Minutes of meeting No. 5
⇒⇒⇒Report to both Houses, second, Minutes of meeting No. 5
Literature see Parliamentary Poet Laureate


Michel, Pauline (Parliamentary Poet Laureate)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 03:1655
⇒⇒Parliamentary Poet Laureate, 03:1655
⇒⇒See also Parliamentary Poet Laureate


Organization meeting see Procedure and Committee business


Paré, Richard (Library of Parliament)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1810-15, 1845, 1855-1915
⇒⇒Estimates, 2005-2006, Main, Vote 10 see Library of Parliament
Parliamentary Librarian see Library of Parliament--Young, William
Parliamentary Poet Laureate
⇒⇒Expenditures, study, 03:1640-55
Poetry see Parliamentary Poet Laureate
Poirier-Rivard, Denise (BQ--Châteauguay--Saint-Constant)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 05:1815-20
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 04:0950
Powers, Russ (Lib.--Ancaster--Dundas--Flamborough--Westdale)
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0920
Procedure and Committee business
⇒⇒Chairs and vice-chair, election, Minutes of meeting No.1; 04:0935, Minutes of meeting No. 4
⇒⇒Future/routine business, 04:0935-55
⇒⇒⇒In camera meeting, Minutes of meeting No. 5
⇒⇒⇒Parliamentary Librarian, appointment, Hon. Tony Valeri, appearance, requesting, M. (Vellacott), withdrawn, Minutes of meeting No. 4
⇒⇒⇒Parliamentary Librarian, appointment, letter, requesting status report, agreed to, Minutes of meeting No. 4
⇒⇒Organization meeting, 01:0920-35


Redman, Hon. Karen (Lib.--Kitchener Centre)
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 04:0940
Reports to both Houses
⇒⇒First, Library of Parliament Joint Committee, quorum and mandate, Minutes of meeting No. 1
⇒⇒Second, Library of Parliament, William Robert Young, Parliamentary Librarian, Minutes of meeting No. 5
Robertson, James (Committee Researcher)
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 04:0940-50


Siksay, Bill (NDP--Burnaby--Douglas)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 05:1820-25
Simard, Hon. Raymond (Lib.--Saint Boniface)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1850-1900, 1915; 03:1645-50
⇒⇒Parliamentary Poet Laureate, 03:1645-50
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0920
St. Amand, Lloyd (Lib.--Brant)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 05:1845-50
⇒⇒Library of Parliament
⇒⇒⇒Estimates, 2005-2006, Main, 03:1640-55
⇒⇒⇒Strategic Plan, 2004-2009, 02:1810-1920
⇒⇒⇒Young, William Robert, Parliamentary Librarian, nomination, 05:1805-50
⇒⇒Parliamentary Poet Laureate, expenditures, 03:1640-55


Temelkovski, Lui (Lib.--Oak Ridges--Markham) (Joint Chair)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 05:1805-35, 1845-50
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 04:0935-55
Thompson, Adam (Joint Clerk of the Committee)
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0920
Trenholme Counsell, Hon. Senator Marilyn (Lib.--New Brunswick) (Joint Chair)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1810-25, 1835-40, 1850-1920; 03:1645-55
⇒⇒Parliamentary Poet Laureate, 03:1645-55
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0925; 04:0935, 0945-55


Vellacott, Maurice (CPC--Saskatoon--Wanuskewin)(Vice Chair)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 02:1815, 1900-20; 03:1640-50; 05:1810-15, 1850
⇒⇒Parliamentary Poet Laureate, 03:1640-50
⇒⇒Procedure and Committee business, 01:0920; 04:0935-55


Young, William Robert (Individual Presentation)
⇒⇒Library of Parliament, 05:1805-50